When Air Duct Cleaning Is Needed

What Homeowners Need to Know About Air Duct Sanitizing

Ductwork can sometimes be the source and pathway for the likes of dust, dirt, and biological contaminants that will be spread throughout your home. With these cases, duct cleaning generally means removing dirt, slime, mold, debris and other such materials that are usually found in ductwork and other components such as drain pans and cooling coils. So the question then is “When does air duct sanitizing need to be performed”?

HVAC equipment suppliers and manufacturers can often provide instructions on when and how air duct cleaning needs to be performed. Cleaning schedules will normally depend on the likes of climate, filtration use, cost, equipment operating schedules, and the homeowner’s expectations.

New ductwork being installed or older systems being updated, suppliers must provide access for cleaning system components when they are contaminated. New equipment must be kept sealed until it is installed. When this is not the case, new construction or updating older equipment must include duct cleaning. New ductwork will usually contain oil, tools, debris, and dirt. These have to be cleaned before any connection is made to the air system.

Older ductwork does get contaminated with dead insects, mold, rodents, dirt, debris, slime, not to mention other such contaminants. The presence of these does not always mean IAQ problems. Most ducts will always have minute amounts of dry dust on their surfaces, this is a common occurrence which occasionally needs duct cleaning.

You should definitely have your ducts cleaned if:

  • 1. There is severe water damage
  • 2. There is slime or mold growing
  • 3. There is debris which prevents airflow
  • 4. You can see dust coming out of the air supply registers
  • 5. You notice offensive odors coming from the ductwork or HVAC system

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