More about the Pet Odor Removal Service We Offer

A-One Carpet Cleaning is a dependable carpet and upholstery cleaning company located in Denver, CO. Over the past few years, we have helped numerous people from the area get their carpets, rug, and furniture looking as good as new. We also learned a lot, which is why we are now able to provide a wide range of services. One of them is our pet odor removal service, for which we want to tell you more about on this page.

If you have a cat or a dog or any other animal that doesn’t live in an aquarium or a cage, there is a chance they may do their business in a place other than their toilet or the yard. When that happens, even if you clean the area, there might be an odor that simply won’t go away. If this is the case, you will have to turn to experts like us who will be able to get rid of this odor and make your house smell fresh again. We, from A-One Carpet Cleaning, use only products of the highest quality that will get rid of the unpleasant smell and leave a nice fresh scent.

In case one of your furry friends got scared or decided to mark its territory and you want to get rid of the smell, give us a call. No matter if they did their business on the couch or carpet, we are able to help you. We have special equipment that allows us to deep clean the area and get rid of the bad smell. Also, all the cleaning products we use have a nice, fresh smell that will cover the bad one. So once we are done with the pet odor removal, you can rest assured that your entire room will smell clean and fresh.

Do you want your carpets, rugs, or furniture pieces to smell nice again? If this is the case, you need to schedule an appointment with A-One Carpet Cleaning. We are the company in Denver, CO that will provide you with the outstanding pet odor removal service you want and deserve. Dial (303) 223-9437 right away if you need more information or want to book our service!

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