Water Damage Restoration Service Tips for Homeowners

Flooding can happen any time, whether because of natural disasters or accidents such as an overflowing toilet. No matter what the reason, water damage can be avoided should the homeowner act quickly enough. Any reputable water damage restoration service will tell you, the first step is to dry the surface of the area as much as possible. This can be done using mops and towels. This should be followed by using air conditioning and the likes to further dry out the area. Lastly, flooring has to be removed to ensure that the underneath is dry to prevent mold and mildew.

The first step can be completed by the homeowner, however, if the water damage is too severe, it is always recommended that a reputable Water Damage Repair Service water damage restoration service is called for help.

Once the bulk of the excess water has been soaked up, the next step is to put fans on the area to aid it to dry. The more fans that are used, the better the drying out will be. Industrial fans are good for water damage and can be rented. Another idea is to use air conditioning to help dry the floor in the summer, however in winter, open windows can help remove moisture also.

Make sure the area under the floor is not still wet. This can be checked by lifting carpeting, laminate, or other surfaces material. Should the carpet padding be wet, it will have to be replaced, but the carpet can be saved by hanging it outside to dry. Floorboards may be dried out by using fans for at minimum a day. Switching on a dehumidifier is a good idea since it eliminates moisture from the air, especially should a fan be used to direct the moisture towards it.

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